A massage can be a powerful tool assisting you to take control of your health and well-being. It is true that a massage can help you relax, but there are six reasons for booking your appointment.

First, a massage is commonly seen as part of complementary but also integrative medicine. It’s more and more being offered along with normal treatments for a range of medical situations and conditions. Second, research studies have indicated that, among other benefits, massage provides authentic treatment for reducing stress, and pain, in addition to muscle tension. Although more clinical studies are required to confirm the benefits of massage, some research has indicated that massage could promote these six benefits:

1) Eases muscle pain – massage increases blood circulation.

2) Assists with depression and anxiety – conducted by a trained professional, human touch can be extremely relaxing and therapeutic. Thus, massage can help to decrease depression, enhancing the mood.

3) Helps to relieve headaches – massage decreases the severity as well as frequency of tension headaches.

4) Helps to improve sleep – massage encourages peaceful rest and relaxation. Massage also assists infants to sleep more, be less stressed, and therefore to cry less.

5) Assists in boosting the immune system – massage could boost white blood-cell count, which helps the body to defend itself from disease.

6) Counteracts postural stress – sitting for long periods at your desk is not good for your back, and can lead to lower-back pain. Tension may also build up in the neck and shoulders. However, massage can counteract the problems caused by prolonged sitting. This means regular massaging can help office workers be more productive, reducing sick days.

There is more to massage than a feel-good way of pampering yourself. Rather, massage could be a powerful tool to assist you in taking control of your well-being and your health.