Mangwanani – the African Spa – came into existence in 2002, when Erin Limbert, Mangwanani’s dynamic CEO, first set in motion her dream of creating a retreat where people could experience true head-to-toe indulgence.

Coupling the ethos of revitalization with an African inspiration presented an initial challenge, because of the uniqueness of this concept. However, one of Mangwanani’s primary focuses is to uplift rural women, which ties in with the African spirit that drives Mangwanani.

More than just employing rural women, Mangwanani provides training and accredited qualifications to produce some of the finest qualified therapists available. These women are able to completely change their lives with a “hand up” instead of a “hand out”.

Thanks to the immense support of her family, and with incredible determination, Erin, and Mangwanani have been able to develop a unique signature product range, having relaxation and well-being at heart. These are the same products that we use in our treatments.

All products are made with natural and naturally derived ingredients and fragranced with essential oil – which is in line with awareness of our carbon footprint.

Mangwanani African Spa has an average of 120 000 visitors enjoying its facilities annually. Currently, the company employs over 1000 employees. We are extremely proud to report that 95% of our team comprises previously disadvantaged individuals.