Women Empowerment

Women are the core of our business, starting with our Therapists.

We want to do more than give these women jobs, we want to give them hope and a future by giving them the first guiding steps to self-sustainability.

Remember that when you “educate women, you educate a nation”.

Family Empowerment

Mangwanani cares about the health and well-being of its employees and recognizes that a variety of personal problems can disrupt their personal and work lives. For this reason, Mangwanani has created and implemented its Staff Wellness Programme, which provides access to professional counselling services for its employees and those in need of professional assistance are encouraged to use the programme.

Purpose of the Staff Wellness Programme
The purpose of the Staff Wellness Programme is to offer confidential assistance to employees who have the potential to be adversely affected by personal problems. The Staff Wellness Programme provides assistance with a broad range of personal concerns, including, but not limited to:

Marital, family and relationship problems:
Our staff has weekly access to counsellors on site, who provides a multi-disciplinary approach to marital, family and relationship challenges employees regularly face. Often talking these issues through as well as having access to the tools to manage these situations can make all the difference in a person’s life.

Substance abuse (alcohol, drugs, prescription medication) and other addictive behaviour:
Mangwanani provides employee assistance through continuous education either in print format or through workshops and initiates group therapy to discuss the challenges facing our staff.

HIV / Aids Counselling:
The Company provides a number of workshops on the subject matter, including Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) screenings for all employees which include pre and post counselling for all employees. Furthermore, several safe sex campaigns have been launched within the business to enhance awareness and steadily educate employees.

Workplace Violence and Trauma Counselling:
Should they need it, all employees are provided with violence and trauma debriefing and counselling services.

Workplace discrimination or victimisation:
The Company culture is free from any form of discrimination and or victimization, as all employees are equal. Various Diversity initiatives are initiated throughout the year to address the value of corporate diversity and equality. Sensitization workshops are held to address any perceptions and increase awareness.

Personal debt and financial management problems:
Employees are taught on how to budget and live a financial free life-style and how saving their cash can significantly contribute to their financial wellness.

Stress (family, social, job):
Employee workshops are held on how to lead a healthy and balanced life style, with a holistic approach to employee wellness.

Sexual harassment:
The Company has a zero-tolerance policy for any form of sexual harassment, which includes clients, suppliers and employees. Counselling and healing programs are held on a regular basis for employees and a 24-hour counselling service is available.

Work related conflicts:
Employees are encouraged to submit grievances to address any form of work related conflicts. Any conflict issues are dealt with as a priority.

Baby room services:
This service is available for any staff member with babies/toddlers. The service is free of charge for staff members.

Qualified Sister on duty:
Employee health is of vital importance to any organization or business; therefore employees are entitled to free medical advice and support, with medicine provided up to schedule 5 drugs and referrals to relevant medical practitioners.

Transport offered:
We understand that not having reliable transport for work can be extremely stressful. This is the reason that Mangwanani provides a free of charge bus service in the area or vicinity of the Spa for our Spa ladies.

Grooming allowance:
Mangwanani will reimburse employees once a month for Hair/Grooming done.
The Staff Wellness Programme was created to benefit every Mangwanani employee. Employees obtain help with personal problems which may affect their well-being, family life or work performance and Mangwanani as an organisation benefits by retaining employees with valuable skills and knowledge. Early use of the programme can contribute to the prevention of serious problems for the individual employee, family and employer.

Social Responsibility

Mangwanani is committed to social responsibility and offers previously disadvantaged individuals training, job opportunities as well as profit sharing.

Mangwanani is able to support local charities and a variety of different causes, touching the lives of so many in need.

Mangwanani is proud to work alongside the Reach for a Dream Foundation to help make dreams come true.

Once a year, each of Mangwanani’s Branches hosts a Dreamers Day for those special young people and their caregivers to experience an entire day of indulgence.

You can also contribute to Reach for a Dream by purchasing the Reach for a Dream Package where 10% of every package bought will go directly to Reach for a Dream and help fund the dreams of other young dreamers.