Mangwanani African Spa would like all guests to have the most tranquil and indulgent experience possible when visiting any of our spas, nationwide.

With this aim in mind, we have come up with a general set of etiquette guidelines for you to keep in mind before your next decadent experience with Mangwanani.

Please keep your cell phone switched off throughout your day or evening with Mangwanani – the reason: cell phones can be disruptive to your revitalisation experience and can interfere with treatments as well as being disturbing to other guests

Please note that other guests will be present at the spa during your stay and we ask that you keep noise to a minimum so that the tranquil experiences of other guests are not disrupted

Please only smoke in designated areas, smoking in non-designated areas is illegal and prohibited

If necessary, please moderate your alcohol intake as excessive consumption can lead to unruly behaviour. This can impact on your treatments as well as the serene experiences of other guests

Please refrain from sexually suggestive and/or inappropriate behaviour as it distracts from Mangwanani’s philosophy of peace and tranquillity

Our therapists are trained to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible, should you feel in anyway uncomfortable with our treatments or service please advise an on-site manger immediately

Demeaning and/or abusive behaviour towards our therapists and members of staff will not be tolerated; should you wish to make a complaint please notify an on-site manger immediately.

We have created these guidelines to ensure that everyone visiting Mangwanani has the very best experience possible; therefore we deeply appreciate your respect of and adherence to these guidelines.