We have another story, this time by Ntsoaki: “My name is Ntsoaki, mother of 3 children. I came to Johannesburg to be a stay-at-home mother. My husband was the only breadwinner. I fell pregnant with my third child, and realised that I needed to help my husband. Mangwanani took me in and gave me massage training. After intensive training over several weeks, I was accepted as an employee. I was very happy to be able to help my husband financially. I was also able to send money home to my mother, who was living with all my children and siblings. Two years down the line, my skills and experience were recognised. I was promoted to assistant branch manager……..which was so exciting, I could hardly believe it. I kept working diligently and learnt everything I could about my trade. I have always given my all, in every situation. I often approached Tshidi, my manager, offering my assistance, and asking for extra experience and training . Tshidi taught me a great deal. I did not even know how to type on the computer − I was clueless with computers. I learnt customer service − how to talk to clients and how to address the calls from clients. Thanks to Mangwanani, I learnt everything that they could teach me, from reception duties, to the smallest attention to detail in service to clients… I’ll forever be grateful for the recognition (and the payment) that came with it. I am not the only one happy − my husband and extended family are thrilled with what I have accomplished!”