Meet Nozipho Ntuli, Assistant Trainer working at our training centre. She is an orphan, a single mom, but she does not allow anything to stop her and as with other staff rely on your support. This is her story: “Dear Mangwanani, this is Nozipho speaking. I would like to tell you the story of my life with Mangwanani. In 2014, I began working at Mangwanani as a therapist. I loved being a therapist, especially giving full-body, head, neck, and shoulder massages. This was the treatment I loved most. One day, Chris and Erin asked me to become a trainer. At first, I resisted because I was thrilled with my present job. However. Erin tasked me with creating more Noziphos out there. My dream was to be a therapist and the best one ever. Chris explained that to continue as Nozipho, I could not be a therapist for the rest of my life. We all need to grow. I was encouraged to take the opportunity of sharing my skills in helping to create more Noziphos like me. Put this way I started to think. I then changed my mind about my job situation. Stagnation can set in. Change means growth to the positive person. It is not only about your comfort zone. You need to share your skills and knowledge, extending to others the chance to learn. I love Mangwanani. I am where I am because of Mangwanani. Trust me − trust us all − if you want to grow, you certainly can do so with Mangwanani. It’s all about believing in yourself. I have a long path ahead here at Mangwanani. I intend to keep changing and growing with you, Mangwanani!”