We have another story we want to share… “My name is Nonhlanhla Sibanda, the celebrity lady who is the face you see on a Mangwanani brochure. In 2014, I started working for Mangwanani. I am a single mother of four children. Mangwanani changed my life drastically. I was able to put all my children through school. They have all done well and passed each grade. My children thank me for all I have done for them: it has not been at all easy. However, I am proud of Mangwanani and regard Mangwanani as the father of my children. Without Mangwanani’s support, I would not have been able to give my children an education. Whilst at Mangwanani, I have managed to buy land, where I intend to build a home for my children. Thank you, Erin, for giving me and my children a future. I extol the virtues of Mangwanani. The company has done great things for me; and I have realised my ambitions through Mangwanani.”