This is the story from Nikiwe, the branch manager at Mangwanani Winelands.

I am Nikiwe Kolwana. I was born in 1966. I am the proud mother of five children. It gives me pleasure to say that l have been empowered by Mangwanani, after struggling along the road of life for 30 years. Yes, l am a matriculant; however, that did not lead to a job. When l joined Mangwanani, l had specialised in hand therapy. Christine Gladys trained me initially at River Valley. I was appointed duty manager for Zevenwacht, our former Cape branch. Four years later, the spa burnt down. When we reopened, l became the spa manager. I was under many branch managers until 2013, when l, too, became a branch manager.

My journey with Mangwanani has been of great benefit to my life. I have been sent to the Netherlands and to Spain to attend events there. The travel and accompanying experience and training has been thanks to Erin’s efforts. l have been able to provide for all my children, giving them a good education. Three of my children are graduates: in public, financial, and marketing management. Thanks to you, Erin: you have been a kind ‘mother’ to me in all the struggles I have had to endure. I lost my husband, which was a hugely painful experience. However, Mangwanani was there for me. Erin helped me through the pain, supporting and comforting me. Christine is also always a comforter, assuring me that nothing bad will happen to me on her watch. Mangwanani, as a company, means the world to me and my family.

l am who l am today, thanks to Mangwanani. l wish l could share with the world on TV that there is no company like Mangwanani which assists the poor the way they do. I am enormously grateful to Mangwanani.