We want to share the story from Jackina, from Mangwanani River Valley. Here is her story: My name is Jackina Ngwepe (41-years old), a Mangwanani employee. In September 2005, I took employment with Mangwanani when I was 23. Erin (the CEO) took me through my interview. I was nervous because this was my first job, two years after my matric. After the interview, I told Erin that every month I have to attend my hospital for a check-up, as I have a heart problem. I asked Erin whether this could be done while employed at Mangwanani. I also explained that carrying anything heavy would be against the doctor’s instructions. Erin − an angel from God − accepted me despite my condition. My history − Since 1995, I have often been in and out of the hospital because of my cardiac problem (double valve replacement). I was living in fear that I might die young. Even my parents did not at that time have an understanding of my condition. I did not worry about my future or have goals in my life. My disability grant was deposited every month in my bank account, which satisfied me. I did not dream of myself working. Even when still at school, every year, I had to be admitted to the hospital for a month, or at least some weeks. I did not see anyone employing me, knowing that I had this condition. All I can say is: “My boss, I owe you my life.” After my three months’ training, Erin suggested that I go into the facial department as there was a vacancy there. “In every situation, you come across, you have to understand that you cannot get it easily.” I started as a foot therapist and as people lack “ubuntu,” colleagues will give you the strong feet (man’s feet) to welcome you. Although it was a challenge to me, I did not want to complain. I only asked God to give me strength. I remember my angel (Erin Limbert) was always around me. One day after a treatment, I was called to the office to give information about another therapist who was chewing gum. I had no information to offer. It was after the interview, and again walking up the hill, that I found I could not breathe properly. That was when Mrs. Limbert made sure that they only use me in the facial department. Happy therapist! My first year I won best therapist of the year – a voucher for two to Durban with a flight (owing to weather conditions, we had to use a bus), 2 nights’ bed and breakfast at the Lodge. An Uber driver took me wherever I wanted to go. And I won a voucher for two to the Protea hotel for one night. In four different years I won staff member of the month, worth R1000. I was promoted to HOD for the facials, then to hostess; and now I am the duty manager. Thank you, Mangwanani, for the person that I am today. Even though people consider me very strict, I have learned my strong work ethic here at Mangwanani. Thanks to everyone who played a role in building me, the therapist for making me strong (no longer that preciously sensitive person that I was, crying all the time). A big thank you to management for having faith in me, for pushing me to where I am today. Yes, I know that I am a hard worker; however, I would not have believed it possible to handle all those positions. I was able to do so because, above all, I did not want to disappoint the people who entrusted me with their clients. Today I say: thank you! Clientele care is my passion. I love being around the clients, checking and making sure that they are happy and enjoying their stay. We value our clients enormously − they are our first priority. Without them we are jobless. There would not be a Mangwanani. Secondly, our therapists, our lovely ladies, are on hand to guide clients who need this help, showing them a positive way of life, listening to them when they have problems and difficulties. We try to assist where we can because truly, we care very deeply for our clients. Discipline is not hatred; it is necessary to maintain order. We accomplish this by sticking to rules and regulations.