Rejuvenate your skin using one of the best treatments, namely the Korean scrub. This treatment is much more effective than a salt scrub or the regular body scrubs. This is the ultimate full-body exfoliating treatment that has been around for centuries.

Before this process you must rinse off in the shower, but not use soap. A steam room may also be used. However, for a traditional Korean scrub, the client is prepared by soaking in warm to hot water. Ten to fifteen minutes is a minimum, however longer is better. The hot water allows the skin to soften and prepares it for the scrubbing, otherwise known as seshin. The process involves being rubbed with a special mitt. This mitt, normally colourful, has a sandpaper-like texture that removes dead skin and embedded grime. Other benefits of this exfoliating scrub are detoxifying the skin to leave it cleaner and healthier, enhancing blood circulation, and moisturising the skin. The scrubbing allows easier absorption of skin moisturisers into the skin. It can improve self-tanning, by removing the dead skin, exposing a more natural-looking tan, and making one look more youthful.

Treatments are not limited to women: men can also enjoy the benefits of a more youthful skin, upper layers of skin being exfoliated. For after the treatment, a good body butter suited to one’s skin will nourish and extend the benefits of this treatment. Choose between Mangwanani’s four body butter products (the African Wild Rose, African Milk and Honey, African Orange Blossom, or Grapefruit and Fennel), all rich cream-based products that contain oils that hydrates the skin and offers it long-lasting softness. See details about Mangwanani product please visit the website or visit your nearest Mangwanani branch.