Kids screaming? Hubby nagging? Work deadlines backdated? Calls off-the-hook crazy? Helper on leave? Your home a ticking time-bomb, ready to explode from neglect and lack of attention?

Sounds all too familiar, or maybe its time to seriously consider YOU! Yep I’ve said it: when last have you considered yourself amidst the crazy, chaotic demands of life?

Date nights are absolutely recommended. We prioritise our needs by meditating, adding yoga sessions to our schedule. This is all well and good, there is no denying it. Yet, in reality, we are always TIME CONSTRAINED! Date nights are for the two of you who are desperate to de-stress in a tranquil and relaxing evening setting. Set aside time to unwind, catch a movie, eat those oysters you been craving; OR book yourself and your
partner into our spa for drinks, dinner, and decadent treatments. Readjusting and refreshing your body, mind and soul, is an excellent way of listening to your bodies in the need to zen down. Most parents do suffer from the guilt of having to let go and RELAX. Why is this?

Relationships and marriages are hard work. They need focus, commitment, and attention. Dates nights are the answer to the modern-day time-out session. Date nights are particularly beneficial to couples, contributing
immensely to their well-being as partners. Date night is a significant event in which couples can reach out to each other, allowing for some “time stands still”. This is a helpful way of recuperating and sorting out one’s head. A spa date at Mangwanani is a hugely successful event for any couple. We encourage the idea of ‘time out’. The advantage of this is that a moment of deep and meaningful closeness is shared, together with memories
exchanged between partners. The next time you need to exit the craziness of life, and bond with your partner, book a treatment at Mangwanani. You are bound to create a pattern of many such dates in the future.

Couples do enjoy down-time. Men, while possibly initially rejecting the ideology behind dates nights, can discover, in the spa set-up, that date nights become addictive, and their preferred choice amongst many.
Date nights invoke a sense of closeness or bonding between two people. Capturing these moments results in memories being etched on the mind for years to come. Date nights encourage conversation unaccompanied by children screaming, or constantly interrupting the communication. Our retreat will provide the idyllic setting for your needs and comfort. This is a
guilt-free therapy, highly recommended for partners. Consider finding yourselves again, whether by dancing, dining, catching a movie, OR by booking a Mangwanani treat. The CHOICE IS YOURS!