It’s nearly four decades since Benjamin Hoff released his bestseller, The Tao of Pooh. The book focused on Taoist life lessons. Taoism is a philosophy with its origins in China. Taoism teaches listeners how to live in harmony with the universe. What Benjamin did was to show that practitioners are not automatically wise women and men from the Far East. Rather, the real master of Tao was Winnie the Pooh. The Tao of Pooh offers
Kids screaming? Hubby nagging? Work deadlines backdated? Calls off-the-hook crazy? Helper on leave? Your home a ticking time-bomb, ready to explode from neglect and lack of attention? Sounds all too familiar, or maybe its time to seriously consider YOU! Yep I’ve said it: when last have you considered yourself amidst the crazy, chaotic demands of life? Date nights are absolutely recommended. We prioritise our needs by meditating, adding yoga sessions to our schedule. This is
Give Yourself a Head Massage A head massage can assist to release tension and increase blood flow, which is good for your hair. And you can give yourself a head massage and reap the benefits. First, find a relaxing spot and place your phone on silent. You can burn burning oil to enhance your experience. Sit with your back supported, then run your fingertips in a straight motion through your hair from the front to