Winter is undoubtedly here and this means we are colder so we take hotter showers, we turn up the indoor heaters, we eat more, lose our motivation for exercise and drink less water. This all leads to stressed skin that needs extra love and attention.
Besides drinking water, eating healthily and exercising, Mangwanani can also help you to look after your skin and give it that extra attention this Winter:

Spa exfoliation treatment
Opt for a Mangwanani Spa Body treatment with exfoliation or body brushing. This treatment will rid your skin of dry, dead skin cells, leaving it renewed and soft.

Massage for improved blood circulation
Massage improves blood circulation which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the skin and results in wonders for your skin:
•    Improved skin tone
•    Less skin discolouration such as dark spots and blotchy complexion
•    Prevention of skin irritations like dry skin, itchy skin and even rashes
•    Quicker healing of scars
•    Anti-aging advantages

Mangwanani products
Mangwanani products are great for your skin! Our ranges made up of 100% natural products are packed with vitamins and minerals which hydrate and moisturise skin resulting in improved tone, firmness and leaving skin soft and rejuvenated.

Stress takes its toll on skin. Taking regular time out to de-stress is key to maintaining a beautiful skin. A visit to Mangwanani African Spa will give you the relaxation and time out needed.

We recommend giving your skin some love this Winter. Book a treatment and buy one of our beneficial products today!