We have all experienced it… that niggly pain somewhere on the body.  Maybe you suffer from painful back and neck knots caused by tension and stress, or you have frequent pain caused by a previous sports injury. The good news is that you don’t need to turn to a painkiller, but you can rather turn to massage therapy.

From an early age, we learn that the touch of a hand can ease pain. When a toddler bangs his knee in a tricycle accident, he’ll instinctively rub the sore spot. Likewise, an office worker with stiff shoulders will probably try to knead them. The healing power of a well-placed hand is so apparent that just about every culture in history has used massage to relieve pain.

Massage seems to ease pain in several different ways. For starters, it can increase blood flow to sore, stiff joints and muscles, which are warmed by the extra circulation. Massage is also believed to trigger the release of natural painkillers called opioids in the brain. Studies suggest that massage speeds up the flow of oxytocin, a hormone that relaxes muscles and encourages feelings of calmness and contentment. Massage may also change the way the brain senses pain.

For your “everyday” aches and pains (those that do not have a more serious underlying medical condition) we recommend trying a Mangwanani massage.

Mangwanani African Spa’s therapists are trained to ensure that the massage treatment you receive is effective in targeting those painful and problem areas.

We believe that our therapists have healing hands which not only rid you of physical pain, but emotional pain too!

An experience at Mangwanani is a great retreat to get your mind off pressing issues and to just shelf turbulent emotions and “zone out” for a while.

If you are in any kind of pain, book a Mangwanani treatment today. Call 0860 55 00 55 now!