Dear Mangwanani Guests

Lockdown is our present situation, involving the whole country. We are all trying to manage the changes to our own lives. Mangwanani would like to let you know that we are also, behind the scenes, making preparations for when your invitation to return to us is official. We want you to return to our spas! The focus of the Mangwanani Group Covid-19 reopening strategy is on taking the utmost care and preparation for the health and safety at all times of our staff and our guests. Intensive updated staff training programme on sanitization, decontamination, and PPE in terms of Covid-19, and other viruses and conditions.

  • All Mangwanani staff will undergo new updated, additional, intensive hygiene and sanitation training, including all the new protocols that are recommended for home, travel, and workplace – as per the most recent international standards.
  • Full training and provision of all PPE, including the use of masks, gloves, and face shields.
  • Staff and therapists, twice daily, will undergo temperature checks and symptoms observation.
  • We are training new sanitization specialists for each of our locations. Such specialists will be dedicated to the continual, sustained levels of sanitization, and hygiene.
  • Specialist staff will perform inspections throughout the spas, whether day or night spas.
  • We are upgrading all hygiene and sanitation equipment to include:
  1. Fogging sanitization, which combats all pathogens, killing 99% of bacteria
  2. Hands-free sanitizing dispensers – knee or pedal activation
  3. Sanitization tunnels/booths – branch-specific, depending on space and number of guests
  4. Providing all staff with masks, gloves, aprons, and hand sanitizer
  5. Aerosol sanitizer to be used in all treatment and public areas
  6. 400ml disinfectant fogger (certified Covid-19) for treatment areas – 400ml effectively disinfects 35 cubic metres of air space
  7. Effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses, and bacterial and fungal spores
  8. Transparent perspex screens
  9. Additional sterilization cabbies and sterilization sanitizer

Initially, we will minimize staff on a rotational system to strictly adhere to social distancing and statutory requirements. Guests and visitors should wear masks in terms of all government regulations. We will do our utmost to protect you. We ask that you support us and continue to support local − please pay a “virtual visit” to our online store for all your bath & body, gift, and relaxation needs!

Take care and stay safe.

All my love,

Erin Limbert (CEO of Mangwanani)